When watching soccer look at the players feet – Daily Lesson – Jan 9th 2014

In Venezuela where I grew up, soccer is not the main sport, this surprises many! Our sport is Baseball.

But still some people play soccer and love it! Many. I was never one of then. I have a hard time watching a whole game, and after a while I don’t care much for it.

Yesterday, a friend from Uruguay was watching a game. I don’t remember who was playing. I think it was a rerun it of a game last week. When I asked him why he wanted to watch a game he new the results of (dumb question because I do the same with baseball and American football), he said: I look at their feet, that’s where the dance happens.

So I say down and started watching the players feet. It changed the game! Completely.

Suddenly I discovered a whole new layer in soccer!

Thank You Leo. Can’t wait for the World Cup!


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