We all move on, and that is great! – Daily Lesson – Jan 25th 2014

Today was a very good friends birthday party. My girlfriend and I went, and that would have been normal, but this time we knew my ex girlfriend was gonna be there. And I have not seen her for almost a year, and obviously my girlfriend was a little nervous because she didn’t really know what to expect. Obviously neither did I.

What I learned today: We all move on.

My ex has a great boyfriend now. And by the end of the night, in what seemed to be the very awkward moment, but turned into a great conversation, all four of us where standing in the middle of the room having a great conversation!

Honestly, I don’t know what the other party felt, but for me it was a relief, and for my girlfriend too. No drama, no problems, just four people, two of which have some story together, chatting it out at a friends party.

So yes, eventually, things move forward, people move on, and we keep living our lives as we want them!


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