To properly guide meditation I have to get out of my own way – Daily Lesson – Jan 24th 2014

Those who know me know already that I guide meditation every Friday during lunch time at The Three Jewels buddhist center in the east village (Yes, that is plug!)

I have one regular person who comes, also good friend on mine, and a couple of people have come in different occasions, so it’s usually really a one to one thing, most of the time.

But I have had to learn how to not get on my own way.

I tend to start the meditations thinking on who I am saying things, and who are words rolling out. All that thinking is distracting, and it’s like I am literally standing on my way of properly repeating and repurposing what have been taught to me.

Today, as we started the meditations, a lot of noise, of people screaming in another floor, started interrupting the meditation. Or was it? My own thoughts and insecurities were turning this screaming into obstacles, and I should have let go and turned them into objects of meditation.

Maybe I will try that out next Friday!


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