Specially for beginners, this short guided meditation is just 7 minutes long, and focuses on the breath and relaxing your body.

I hope if fills your day with wisdom and happiness, and helps you with anything you need it to help you with!

Would love to know your opinion about it. Did it work? Did you like it? was it too fast, to slow?

Please share with whomever you think could benefit from it!


Today’s meditation at the Three Jewels was fantastic! I hope you enjoy it.

The AC was on, so there will be some noise in the background, but if you pay attention to your breath and the words, the noise should not be too much of a problem.

Would love to know what you think!

Have a weekend full of perfect moments.


Conversations are important – Daily Lesson – Jan 3rd 2014

So, one thing is that I didn’t write this the night of the 3rd. But writing it now the morning of the 4th. So in a way that is a teaching in itself.

The real lesson on friday the 3rd was that conversation and open communication is always important to make people feel safe, mostly when we are talking about couples.

Lately my girlfriend and I have started the conversation of moving in together, And sure, it is a very big step forward, and there are many things that need to be considered. And it obviously makes both of us a little nervous.

And last night we had the chance to talk, and to exchange concerns, potential solutions and ideas, as well as go over certain disagreements.

Sure we didn’t solve all the problems, but we now know more about each other, and about what each others expectations are.

It’s very easy to just go about life assuming what other people feel about us or themselves, but I think we would all be better off if we would take a few minutes and actually ask about it.

I learned that last night.


Leaning back – Daily Lesson – Jan 2nd 2014

Today I went back to a job that I hoped not having to go back to ever. People are great, but it’s an employee position… A year later.

I have done it before. When the freelancing wasn’t coming my way I reached out to the restaurant where I worked at for two and a half years right after the production my movie subHysteria. And I worked there for a few months. And it helped me pick up my pieces and get back up.

So today I learned that it’s not too bad to take a step back for a second, and to lean in passed resources. It is not easy, it is not fun, but it makes You value what You can do. It is a realization of how life is a dance, and You are sometimes going forwards, backwards and side to side, at different rhythms.

Let’s dance life! I can go at it all night long!


Not hungover is more productive – Daily Lesson – Jan 1st 2014

Today is Jan 1st.

I have to admit, the past several New Years, I have spent in my room, avoiding the sun, and recovering from the night/morning before.

It’s what you are supposed to do in New Years eve, go out, drink as much as you possibly can without passing out.

Last night, like the last several months, I decided that I was not going to drink. That I can still have a blast without having to even get a little buzzed.

The best part of all, was waking up today feeling completely fresh, and truly ready and in shape to start the year.

Sure, most of this “resolutions” will probably not go farther than the second week of february, but today has been the most productive beginning of the year ever, and it is all because last night I stayed away from the bar.

For me a sprite please.