Specially for beginners, this short guided meditation is just 7 minutes long, and focuses on the breath and relaxing your body.

I hope if fills your day with wisdom and happiness, and helps you with anything you need it to help you with!

Would love to know your opinion about it. Did it work? Did you like it? was it too fast, to slow?

Please share with whomever you think could benefit from it!


Today’s meditation at the Three Jewels was fantastic! I hope you enjoy it.

The AC was on, so there will be some noise in the background, but if you pay attention to your breath and the words, the noise should not be too much of a problem.

Would love to know what you think!

Have a weekend full of perfect moments.


Every friday at 8 am, I guide meditation at The Three Jewels in New York. Since I started doing it, around 6 months ago, I have been guiding Tonglen meditation, a Tibetan Buddhist instruction, design to build compassion and empathy.

You will take in the suffering of someone you love, and destroy it with Wisdom. Then you will give them what they want the most for ultimate happiness.

Here is the recording of last friday, as I get ready to record the one tomorrow too.

The actual meditation starts at 3.31 and it goes until 32.05. The rest is instruction and conversation.

Would love to know what you think about it.

And if you are in NY, come by the Three Jewels any day at 8 am or at 12:30 pm for guided meditation.


I found Happiness and You can too.

iStock_000004507079_ExtraSmallYes. I am happy. Sure, I might complain once in a while about the train being late or the slow walking tourist in “my” New York sidewalks, but it is never enough to make me think “I am not happy”. I found happiness. The great thing is that you can too! You just need to look in the right place.

I was not always happy, which proves that happiness is not some kind of predisposition. If I can go from almost depressed to a substantially happy state of being, anyone can do it.¬†There were a lot of things I thought will bring me happiness and they didn’t. Some of these things were certainly good times sometimes, but at the end, none of them lasted, and they either changed or disappeared¬†from my life.

So that which makes me happy is not really a thing!

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