I found Happiness and You can too.

iStock_000004507079_ExtraSmallYes. I am happy. Sure, I might complain once in a while about the train being late or the slow walking tourist in “my” New York sidewalks, but it is never enough to make me think “I am not happy”. I found happiness. The great thing is that you can too! You just need to look in the right place.

I was not always happy, which proves that happiness is not some kind of predisposition. If I can go from almost depressed to a substantially happy state of being, anyone can do it. There were a lot of things I thought will bring me happiness and they didn’t. Some of these things were certainly good times sometimes, but at the end, none of them lasted, and they either changed or disappeared from my life.

So that which makes me happy is not really a thing!

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Why I don’t have Cable TV – a conversation about the TV business.

I believe that traditional TV is archaic and that we should, as society, move on. I understand there are business interest behind it, and they too should move on to new business models. If they cannot adapt they should shot down and disappear, because business should contribute to society, not stop it from growth and evolution.

Broken Television

For over 12 years I have worked creating and delivering some sort of media, for radio, TV, online and film. I am also what they call a cord-cutter. Around 7 years ago I gave up traditional TV, before Hulu existed, before iTunes sold movies. It was Netflix and video rental stores the only thing I consumed (I haven’t been to one in at least 4 years), and youtube was in its infancy. I already understood that changes were coming. That the industry was changing and so should the consumer mindset. I wanted to be part of that change. And little by little, video streaming and downloading has been taking over without people really noticing too much. [Read more…]


Is there a real online series business model?

the carrot 250px1I have ran businesses before, and I have made it sometimes bad, and sometimes worst. And a few times I would make good decisions. I have learned from many bad decisions and some good ones. And I have observed to the good ones, and remember them.

I have also studied very closely the career of very successful (in my opinion) entrepreneur  business and innovatives minds. I have looked for habits and patterns that I can mimic and eventually make my own.

I was not born a business person, but I got interested after realizing that now, filmmaking, production, and creativity itself, are all businesses.

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