Practice makes habits – Daily Lesson – Jan 31st 2014

The lesson of the day: if we stop doing something regularly, it will take a while pick it back up.

We know that intuitively, but it is very different to know something or to think we know something, than to actually go through it and truly learn it.

A little over a year ago I used to do yoga at least three times a week, my body was changing and the asanas that seem very difficult at first became easier as time went by. I was becoming a Yogi! Not really.

I stopped doing yoga for a while, and honestly, I don’t remember the exact reason why. This last week I decided to start going again. It will probably come back in no time. Right? Nop. Wrong.

Of course I did an easy class at first, and I did another easy class the second time. The second one was a little harder than I expected, and I have to say it kicked my ass. I am at the bottom of curve. Again.

As I reflected on this at the end of the class in the awesome quite time that one has in corpse pose, I realized that the same was true not just in yoga but in other things I had left on the side: when I stop meditating daily for a while I have a very hard time getting back to it; when I stop editing video for a while, the same is true; if I stop writing for a few days it is almost impossible to put ideas together in words.

So practice doesn’t necessarily make You a master but it certainly keeps You from feeling like a beginner.


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