I walk my path in a perpetual search for the story behind "it"; a perpetual exploration of how moving images come together to tell stories about whatever "it" is.

Storytelling has been part of my wide and fulfilling artistic life. It started with photographs and music in my early teens. Writing came shortly after as a natural evolution. It transitioned into storytelling all too quickly with short story screenplays. These, and several years of experience, took me straight to what I do now: I tell stories with moving image.

My work is created around feelings and pieces of life. It has very strong ties with the conventional reality, but it's splashed with strokes from other realities, other rules, other conventions. I create them so we can question our ways of life, so we can be grateful for what we have, so we can change what we don't like both as individuals and as societies.

I start from crafting the story, in a standard screenplay format. This, the screenplay, is my tool to put together the most brilliant minds available, and create this altarnate universe/reality/tale/story/world, and later capture it at 921,600 pixels (preferably) 24 times every second (sometimes even 60 times every second)

I process it all with the help of my G5 and my MacBook Pro. The story now has it's parts, and it's up to me to ensemble it all together in the most rhythmical, engaging and coherent order. I select carefully every shot, every frame. Add sound and music with my collaborators (I am yet to write the score of my own films), and I finish polish the movie image with a full array of digital visual effects tools.



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