The Awaken Consumer
(2011, online video for Green Team)

Green Team needed a simple yet aesthetic quality video that would explore the qualities of the Awaken Consumer. I came in and created the video with them, producing, directing and later writing and editing the final video from the almost 10 hours of interview with the different participants.

See the video in the context of Green Team's website.

(By Steve Giralt)

THombre is a web video piece that was used as an invite to a 5 de Mayo Party. It was created to invite the high end advertisement netwrork that Steve work with.

Visit Steve Giralt's website here.

L'Oreal for Men

L'Oreal for Men
(Commercial of Spec for a contest - Directed by Alan Stuart)

Created for a contest in The work included image and story editing, an color correction.

(2009, feature film, 92 min. HD
Directed by Leonard Zelig)

Sixteen people get stuck in a subway car in NYC for several days, without communication, hope, way to escape, and a fatal sensation that they are going to die. A raw display of human behavior when one confronts the possibility of death.

I co-edited with Gustavo Bernal. We first assign each of us a number af scenes and then together we finetuned the complete final cut under the direction of Leonard Zelig.

Visit subHysteria Website and IMDb page.


434 Short film
Adopt US Kids
(Public Service Announcement - Directed by Roberto Alcazar)

(2008, short film, 11:58 min. MiniDV)

Out on a work trip is a perfect chance to find a one night stand. For Leo it became a claustrophobic experience.

434 Short film

Thou Shalt Not Dream
(2007, short film, 5.30 min. 16mm)

What if you where kept awake during your whole life so you can produce and consume 24 hours a day. In this short film Red, finds an antidote to the awaken state and its prosecuted for it.


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