The Awaken Consumer
(2011, online video for Green Team)

Green Team needed a simple yet aesthetic video that would explore the qualities of the Awaken Consumer. I came in and created the video with them, producing, directing and later writing and editing the final video from the almost 10 hours of interview with the different participants.

See the video in the context of Green Team's website.

Chico's Cherubs
(2011, web series, 6 episodes - Season 1)

Produced by Three Funny Toes, Chico's Cherubs is the story of three super spies that completely believe they ar ein the 70s, when they are really in our current times. A funny satire of Charlies Angels and other 70s pop culture reference.

Here is Episode 1.

Visit Chico's Cherubs website to watch the full Sseason 1.

Oil Splash
(2010, web video)

As an answer to the BP Oil Spill, our team got together to state in images what the fillings where about BP innaction.

The video was the companion of a blog that reported on people who did something good, as a call for people to visit it.

The site is not online any longer.

Carlitos Is Pissed
(2010, web series, 3 episode Pilot)

The story of John and his teddy bear Carlitos, who came back to take revenge after 12 years of unvoluntary storage.

This 3 episode pilot was picked up byEUE/ScreenGems for further development and production of the series. (this contract has expired, in case someone is interested)

The series has been featured on front page as part of the best on

Thou Shalt Not Dream

Thou Shalt Not Dream
(2007, short film, 5.30 min. 16mm)

What if you where kept awake during your whole life so you can produce and consume 24 hours a day. In this short film Red, finds an antidote to the awaken state and its prosecuted for it.

(2008, short film, 11:58 min. MiniDV)

Out on a work trip is a perfect chance to find a one night stand. For Leo it became a claustrophobic experience.

434 Short film

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