It’s all about the story – Daily Lesson – Jan 29th 2014

I have been working as a co-producer in a show pilot, together with the director/writer, finishing the show and helping him take it to the next level.

Today we shot an interview for the EPK and it was awesome to listen to his story. Now, Jason, the director and creator, is a friend of mine, and I know him and have been hearing about this project for a long time. But today, it was the first time that I heard him speak about why he wrote this story, why it’s important to him, and why he wants everyone to see it, and what he wants them to feel.

Due Back is a story about a screen writer who works in a video store. Everything around him is nostalgic. Remember the last time you went to a video store to rent a movie?

At the end, every product, be it a movie, a pilot, a deodorant or a dry pasta, is better and closer to us when it has a story that we can connect to.


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