Is there a real online series business model?

the carrot 250px1I have ran businesses before, and I have made it sometimes bad, and sometimes worst. And a few times I would make good decisions. I have learned from many bad decisions and some good ones. And I have observed to the good ones, and remember them.

I have also studied very closely the career of very successful (in my opinion) entrepreneur  business and innovatives minds. I have looked for habits and patterns that I can mimic and eventually make my own.

I was not born a business person, but I got interested after realizing that now, filmmaking, production, and creativity itself, are all businesses.

My company: Green Carrot, provides story development and production services for commercial, online videos and corporate communications, as well as creating original TV content, distributed independently online.

The business model for providing development and production services is clear: you give your ideas, time and talent to a client in exchange for money.

The business behind the content is less clear, because it is an industry that is being completely shaken up by the new technologies, and some key players of this technologies (whom I will mention in later post with more detail.) I believe that I can make TV like series and theater release quality films and reach my audience directly using none traditional methods of distribution.

For that we, at Green Carrot, are developing a structure that will break apart the walls between the content and the consumer, untied from a network, or a large entertainment interest. What we suggest is something that we like to call: “Retail Filmmaking”, a model that we make, we market, and we sell, with our structure, without needing to fit in a 21 minutes slot, to sell commercials, but to create valuable content for the audience.

So I believe there is a business model. I believe there are many places where online series can make money, as well as online exclusive films. The big challenge: marketing money. It is usually not part of the initial budget and most filmmakers forget about it until it’s to market the finalized project.

I believe we can pull this one off, because we are planning accordingly. We are marketing as it goes, starting from crowed funding campaigns and other ideal. Let’s see how it works out. I will keep you updated.


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