I spend too much time watching TV – Daily Lesson – Jan 26th 2014

Next week it’s the Super Bowl, and as football season reaches its final day, I am looking forward to have my sunday to myself. I know, I could just turn off the TV and not get caught on the game every sunday, but I really love watching football so I decide to spend my Sundays doing that.

Today I realize that it is not only football what grabs my sunday afternoons. My girlfriend and I watched yesterday the six final episodes of the first season of Dexter. Wow… that was 6 hours watching blood and serial killers and some twisted stuff!!!

And sometimes I wonder were I can take the time to do more stuff… well, cutting down on watching TV could be the #1 place…

I might start logging how much time I spend in useless activities to see how much time I can add to my productive life!


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