I fall in love all the time – Daily Lesson – Jan 30th 2014

Today I realized that I am constantly falling in love. Now it is not the couples love (I already have that love and it’s by far the most intense and awesome love of them all), it’s the love you feel for life!

I fall in love with the old lady in the train, with the beggar that told the awesome joke, I fall in love with New York, the city that has given me the many opportunities to become who I am today.

I fall in love with the pretty girl walking down the street, and with the dude that chases her.

I fall in love with the snow that is still on the ground from the last precipitation.

I fall in love with my meditation and my Dharma classes.

I fall in love with the many friends that make me smile and laugh everyday with awesome and ofter times silly jokes and comments.

I just keep falling in love with life. And for that I am grateful, and I can’t wait to fall in love again tomorrow!


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