How to set up a first-page-only header in Word – Daily Lesson – Jan 6th 2014

Today was a good day, a productive day I shall say. I am sure I learned many things, but the one lesson that jumped up to me the most was the vey practical thing of how to set up a header-footer for a word document only in the first page.

Now, there are many reason I didn’t know that before today. I didn’t use Word for anything until just a few months ago. It has been a while since I switched to Apple’s Pages and had no reason to look back. Lately, with Green Carrot, I have realized that I need to be a little more compatible with some of my clients so I installed Microsoft Office.

Anyway, today, with some of my video editors friends we were all trying to figure out how to add a logo only to the first page of a document. It was for the head editor’s wife. She is not very much into computers. We where going on on how we could go into photoshop and create a pdf, or maybe inDesign was a better option. Then the senior art director came in and said: You just need to set it up as a first page header.

The room went silence. We had no clue what that meant, or worst, how to do it.

Now we know! Basically it will set up a header and a footer only for the first page of your document, and all the other pages will share another header and footer.

You click on the top of the page, outside of the margin. And it will open the header and footer of the document. This far I knew all along.

Here is the awesome trick. Once the header and footer are open, you click on the left side, on the ruler sidebar, but right in the little area that will be occupied by the header and it opens a dialogue box that will give you the option to check a box for it to be only in the first page. It’s called “Different first page”.

There are some other options there that I might explore later, just out of curiosity, because I still do my best not to use office of anything I don’t have to, but I also like to know all the little tricks in the book.

So there you go, my daily lesson today was Word.


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