Everything is a spiritual practice – Daily Lesson – Jan 27th 2014

Those who know me, or who have read enough of what I write, know that I practice Tibetan Meditation, and that I study Dharma from the Tibetan Buddhist scriptures.

Today, I had to put together the first iteration of the wordpress site of the center where I study and guide meditation, The Three Jewels in New York City. I couldn’t do it until the end of the day, because my whole day was booked by one of my clients to work on the edit of some important videos. Still, but putting together the Three Jewels website was on my head almost all day.

With the mind on a powerful object (in this case the the Three Jewels) and the intention of doing something toward that object (making and updating the site), all the activities of the day had a subtle layer of spirituality covering them.

I should know this, but some lessons are reinforcements, and this is one of them: EVERYTHING IN LIFE IS PART OF YOUR SPIRITUAL PRACTICE.¬†Whether you are Cristian, a Muslim, a Jew or a Buddhist, everything, even the completely material stuff in life, is spiritual, because we will always create and live experience from the spirit. Does that mean that everything has to be intense and deep? No! Our mind (or spirit) is connected to all the levels of existence, the deep powerful realizations and the subway commute. It is all spiritual, because spirituality is no separate from the rest of our life, it’s what makes the rest of our life.


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