Daily Lessons in 2014

It is said that every day we learn something new. It is probably true. But rarely we actually digest our daily lessons, so it just stays in the unconscious where it is not easily accessible.

I am taking on this year to write down everyday something new I have learned, done, realized, every day, so by Jan 1st 2015 I will have learned and recorded 365 lessons.

Why am I doing this? I read recently something that said: 2014 will be 365 days with infinite potential. I decided to add a layer of intention to all that potential. The added intention to this potential will make my mind look for patterns of  learning something though my experience in life.

I will take every day at least 5 minutes to write down, or make a video, or a piece of audio speaking about something new that I have learned, done or realized that day.

I bet some daily lessons learned will be awesome cool tips like a little lifehack or a quick kitchen tip. But I also expect lessons that could be more painful to deal with, life lessons that could drastically change the course of my life, things about me that I might not really like to see or realize. Who knows what it could be! After all, it’s INFINITE POTENTIAL we are talking about.¬†Right?!

It’s gonna be a trip!


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