Not hungover is more productive – Daily Lesson – Jan 1st 2014

Today is Jan 1st.

I have to admit, the past several New Years, I have spent in my room, avoiding the sun, and recovering from the night/morning before.

It’s what you are supposed to do in New Years eve, go out, drink as much as you possibly can without passing out.

Last night, like the last several months, I decided that I was not going to drink. That I can still have a blast without having to even get a little buzzed.

The best part of all, was waking up today feeling completely fresh, and truly ready and in shape to start the year.

Sure, most of this “resolutions” will probably not go farther than the second week of february, but today has been the most productive beginning of the year ever, and it is all because last night I stayed away from the bar.

For me a sprite please.


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