Closing Chapters – Opening Chapters

Closing chapters is always challenging for me, but at the same time it’s exciting to explore what is next.

I am now finishing my latest documentary “The Perfection of Giving”, and I am really looking forward to what new project am I going to take on next.

When I first started The Perfection of Giving this was going to be just a 15 minute piece, that would take a month or two to finish, and 3 years later I am finally rendering out a 70 minute film, with original music and the effort of tens of people.

Although, the chapter is not fully closed, because there is still the most important part: showing the film, I can’t help but start day dreaming about what it is that I should do next. What it is that will create the most impact in the world.

This will be the days when I start going through old notes and looking for the next great idea, the next thing that I will be willing to give two to three years of my life.

It is the creative cycle, sometimes painful, but always gratifying. It is the artist in me that can never hold still or quite. The creator mind that finds things in the world that need doing and solving and improving.

What the next creation will be I am yet to define, or discover, or be pushed into it.

I hope I can make it as personal as this last project. I hope I can make it so it touches many people and it allows room for growth and collaboration.

Closing Chapters. Opening Chapters.



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