Why I started this blog

As a profesional I have always been interested in many things. I am a little bit of an entrepreneur, and a little bit of an artist, and film and video have been my main mediums.

English is my second language. I used to write tons when I lived in Venezuela, but when I moved to New York, the language barrier was much more because of the writing that the speaking. The thing is that speaking you can get away with making certain mistakes, because it will just pass, and the conversation will move on. But in writing it is not like that. In writing it stays, and writing in english, although I love it, it’s not always very pleasing, because I cannot always get my point across with the style and technique that I did in Spanish.

I still have this very strong urge to start writing why I think, more under my name, and not under a brand, as I have blogged in the past. As I recently founded a storytelling company, I found that I could take down my old professional site, and start blogging, about my thoughts on what drives me as a professional and as entrepreneur.

So here it is. my first thought in this blog is to follow all of the greatest and make sure I build a platform to speak my mind, where I can reflect on my industry, business, personal life and whatever other theme my brain decides to put out that day.

One thing is for sure: I plan on writing every day of the week in this blog. Even if it is only one line.

So here I go, without really being sure of where I am going, a little riding the wave, a little staying ahead.