Closing Chapters – Opening Chapters

Closing chapters is always challenging for me, but at the same time it’s exciting to explore what is next.

I am now finishing my latest documentary “The Perfection of Giving”, and I am really looking forward to what new project am I going to take on next.

When I first started The Perfection of Giving this was going to be just a 15 minute piece, that would take a month or two to finish, and 3 years later I am finally rendering out a 70 minute film, with original music and the effort of tens of people.

Although, the chapter is not fully closed, because there is still the most important part: showing the film, I can’t help but start day dreaming about what it is that I should do next. What it is that will create the most impact in the world.

This will be the days when I start going through old notes and looking for the next great idea, the next thing that I will be willing to give two to three years of my life.

It is the creative cycle, sometimes painful, but always gratifying. It is the artist in me that can never hold still or quite. The creator mind that finds things in the world that need doing and solving and improving.

What the next creation will be I am yet to define, or discover, or be pushed into it.

I hope I can make it as personal as this last project. I hope I can make it so it touches many people and it allows room for growth and collaboration.

Closing Chapters. Opening Chapters.



Today’s meditation at the Three Jewels was fantastic! I hope you enjoy it.

The AC was on, so there will be some noise in the background, but if you pay attention to your breath and the words, the noise should not be too much of a problem.

Would love to know what you think!

Have a weekend full of perfect moments.


Every friday at 8 am, I guide meditation at The Three Jewels in New York. Since I started doing it, around 6 months ago, I have been guiding Tonglen meditation, a Tibetan Buddhist instruction, design to build compassion and empathy.

You will take in the suffering of someone you love, and destroy it with Wisdom. Then you will give them what they want the most for ultimate happiness.

Here is the recording of last friday, as I get ready to record the one tomorrow too.

The actual meditation starts at 3.31 and it goes until 32.05. The rest is instruction and conversation.

Would love to know what you think about it.

And if you are in NY, come by the Three Jewels any day at 8 am or at 12:30 pm for guided meditation.


4 weeks to build a habit

On January 1st I took over the task to follow up with every day and check what lesson had I learned today.

They say you can form a habit in 21 days, or 28 days. Today it’s 28 days of looking at my day at the end or the next morning and look for the lesson of the day. And still I have to say, the habit has not been formed. I still struggle through finding the time to write.

The habit that is there, though, is the habit of looking at the day, and looking for the lesson, even if finding the time to write it down has proved more challenging.

So this little new rule that I have for this year, to look at every day of the year to look for the lesson of that day, has payed off where it is the most important: to create a mind that is open to learning. And that is beautiful. I feel sometimes we just forget that learning and stretching ourselves is how we are going to become the best version of ourselves.

Now, to take the habit building to the next level, I’d like to share with you a TED talk I just saw, about doing something new for 30 days, and I am really looking forward to see what that something new I will start to do in February.

What would you like to do for the next 30 days?


Everything is a spiritual practice – Daily Lesson – Jan 27th 2014

Those who know me, or who have read enough of what I write, know that I practice Tibetan Meditation, and that I study Dharma from the Tibetan Buddhist scriptures.

Today, I had to put together the first iteration of the wordpress site of the center where I study and guide meditation, The Three Jewels in New York City. I couldn’t do it until the end of the day, because my whole day was booked by one of my clients to work on the edit of some important videos. Still, but putting together the Three Jewels website was on my head almost all day.

With the mind on a powerful object (in this case the the Three Jewels) and the intention of doing something toward that object (making and updating the site), all the activities of the day had a subtle layer of spirituality covering them.

I should know this, but some lessons are reinforcements, and this is one of them: EVERYTHING IN LIFE IS PART OF YOUR SPIRITUAL PRACTICE. Whether you are Cristian, a Muslim, a Jew or a Buddhist, everything, even the completely material stuff in life, is spiritual, because we will always create and live experience from the spirit. Does that mean that everything has to be intense and deep? No! Our mind (or spirit) is connected to all the levels of existence, the deep powerful realizations and the subway commute. It is all spiritual, because spirituality is no separate from the rest of our life, it’s what makes the rest of our life.


How to live in 2014

Watch videos that inspire you.

Tell stories that excite you.

Read books that shape you.

Follow people you admire.

Share your good ideas.

Make beautiful and useful things.

Play games that challenge you.

Become a friend to more people.

Do things that matter.

Give yourself to others.

Open your mind to receiving.

Grow within.

Expand your world.



Building habits

It’s always been a struggle of mine to build good habits. I sometimes get caught up in the same patterns over and over, without really putting the effort to create a way out, to replace old rusty habits with productive and fresh ones.

Just recently, I heard the audiobook of The Power of Habit, by Charles Duhigg, and it made me realize how important it is to really nurture productive habits, because the productivity will just come natural!

So that is one of the motivations for this post, to start building the habit of posting something online more often. Where it is here or on my other sites.

Be well, see you in the next post.


I found Happiness and You can too.

iStock_000004507079_ExtraSmallYes. I am happy. Sure, I might complain once in a while about the train being late or the slow walking tourist in “my” New York sidewalks, but it is never enough to make me think “I am not happy”. I found happiness. The great thing is that you can too! You just need to look in the right place.

I was not always happy, which proves that happiness is not some kind of predisposition. If I can go from almost depressed to a substantially happy state of being, anyone can do it. There were a lot of things I thought will bring me happiness and they didn’t. Some of these things were certainly good times sometimes, but at the end, none of them lasted, and they either changed or disappeared from my life.

So that which makes me happy is not really a thing!

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