If I am feeling bad, I probably should rest – Daily Lesson – Jan 14th 2014

So I am writing about this lesson late. Actually very late, but I still want to post about what I learn each day, so regardless, I will post as if it was the14th.

I woke up feeling a little under the weather, but I didn’t want to listen to my body. Tomorrow is my birthday so there is no way I will let a little cold stop me. Well, I should have heard my body because I ended up feeling terrible for my birthday.

The lesson today is that I should listen to my body on letting me know what is happening and take action on it.


We can be brutally productive – Daily Lesson – Jan 13th 2014

Today was a spectacularly productive day. I meditated, had breakfast. I read a book, complete book, I had a full 8 hour day at work in which we got much done. I talked about a couple of projects I needed to do. I had time to go to the store and to make dinner, and to post stuff on facebook.

I still need to wake up early to send some notes on the documentary, but it looks like, if I get into it, I really can get so much stuff done, it’s ridiculous!


I can’t always write at night – Daily Lesson – Jan 12th 2014

That is a big lesson. I cannot always write late at night, so I need to start writing earlier, or just write at the moment of the day when I realize there is a lesson I learned.

I have, for the last few days, getting very tired by the end of the day to really write something that makes sense. So I decided that I will be more flexible with my writing, and it will happen at any point of the day that it needs to happen. What is the most important is that it happens every day.


I love books – Daily Lesson – Jan 11th 2014

I tend to tell people I don’t read. And I usually don’t. So I have gotten rid of most of my books, except for some film and business books.

Yesterday I got on the mail the latest book by Gary Vaynerchuk, Jab Jab Jab Right Hook. And The moment I touched that book I felt I was learning. I felt knowledge was just flowing through my fingers into my brains.

I know that is not true and it didn’t happen but it certainly felt that way. I have been reading the book since then and everything in there is awesome. Sure, some of those thing I already know, but Gary makes clear examples on when things work and don’t work in social media.

So I can say that reading the book I have learned tons already, but the biggest lesson was that I learned I love books!



Changing the world through films – Daily Lesson – Jan 10th 2014

I saw a re run of The Colbert Report (really more that a rerun, just the latest episode on Hulu) and they had the executive producer and founder of Participant Media: Jeff Skoll

It’s amazing, he said things that I want to do like him! He has been changing the world and creating conversation through stories.

It was very inspiring to hear this person and make me see that it is possible to do what I want to do. That it actually works and that he has changed the world to the better because of the stories he produces.

Check out his imbd page

And here is the clip from The Colbert Report!


When watching soccer look at the players feet – Daily Lesson – Jan 9th 2014

In Venezuela where I grew up, soccer is not the main sport, this surprises many! Our sport is Baseball.

But still some people play soccer and love it! Many. I was never one of then. I have a hard time watching a whole game, and after a while I don’t care much for it.

Yesterday, a friend from Uruguay was watching a game. I don’t remember who was playing. I think it was a rerun it of a game last week. When I asked him why he wanted to watch a game he new the results of (dumb question because I do the same with baseball and American football), he said: I look at their feet, that’s where the dance happens.

So I say down and started watching the players feet. It changed the game! Completely.

Suddenly I discovered a whole new layer in soccer!

Thank You Leo. Can’t wait for the World Cup!


I can make more than I thought in one hour – Daily Lesson – Jan 8th 2014

I have been really trying to take advantage of small moments of times available in the day.

There are way more than I thought and I can get more done than I thought I could.

Today, in only one hour, I made 12 quote vignettes for the Facebook page of my documentary The Perfection of Giving. That is way more than I thought I could make. Different colors, different photos, different quotes, all in a very standard format. 12 in an hour, that is one every 5 minutes. Had I had a full day of making them (which would
obviously be terribly tedious and tiring) and I could make 96 of those quotes. A full quarter worth of fresh content.

That is what I learned today.


Today I learned that I get caught up in arguments – Daily Lesson – Jan 7th 2014

Tonight I got caught up a debate about certain things of Buddhism with my temp roommate.

It was a foot debate I think. But I really sometimes I should have stopped, we were not going to convince each other of the point we were making. At some point I even think we were talking about different things, but we just kept at it.

It was fun, yes. But, well, it kept me up until almost 3 am on a school night.


How to set up a first-page-only header in Word – Daily Lesson – Jan 6th 2014

Today was a good day, a productive day I shall say. I am sure I learned many things, but the one lesson that jumped up to me the most was the vey practical thing of how to set up a header-footer for a word document only in the first page.

Now, there are many reason I didn’t know that before today. I didn’t use Word for anything until just a few months ago. It has been a while since I switched to Apple’s Pages and had no reason to look back. Lately, with Green Carrot, I have realized that I need to be a little more compatible with some of my clients so I installed Microsoft Office.

Anyway, today, with some of my video editors friends we were all trying to figure out how to add a logo only to the first page of a document. It was for the head editor’s wife. She is not very much into computers. We where going on on how we could go into photoshop and create a pdf, or maybe inDesign was a better option. Then the senior art director came in and said: You just need to set it up as a first page header.

The room went silence. We had no clue what that meant, or worst, how to do it.

Now we know! Basically it will set up a header and a footer only for the first page of your document, and all the other pages will share another header and footer.

You click on the top of the page, outside of the margin. And it will open the header and footer of the document. This far I knew all along.

Here is the awesome trick. Once the header and footer are open, you click on the left side, on the ruler sidebar, but right in the little area that will be occupied by the header and it opens a dialogue box that will give you the option to check a box for it to be only in the first page. It’s called “Different first page”.

There are some other options there that I might explore later, just out of curiosity, because I still do my best not to use office of anything I don’t have to, but I also like to know all the little tricks in the book.

So there you go, my daily lesson today was Word.


I have too much stuff – Daily Lesson – Jan 5th 2014

Today a friend moved into my apartment for a couple months till she figures out where she will move next.

It was interesting because I had to empty the room where she is at and move gear back to my office.

I have too much stuff. I wish I could just start throwing things away and not need so many cables and hard drives and all.

But then I realize that we will always carry stuff from our past physically and emotionally and in our minds.

So I have too much stuff. But I am not sure I want to have much less, but I certainly don’t want more. That might be a good thing.