To properly guide meditation I have to get out of my own way – Daily Lesson – Jan 24th 2014

Those who know me know already that I guide meditation every Friday during lunch time at The Three Jewels buddhist center in the east village (Yes, that is plug!)

I have one regular person who comes, also good friend on mine, and a couple of people have come in different occasions, so it’s usually really a one to one thing, most of the time.

But I have had to learn how to not get on my own way.

I tend to start the meditations thinking on who I am saying things, and who are words rolling out. All that thinking is distracting, and it’s like I am literally standing on my way of properly repeating and repurposing what have been taught to me.

Today, as we started the meditations, a lot of noise, of people screaming in another floor, started interrupting the meditation. Or was it? My own thoughts and insecurities were turning this screaming into obstacles, and I should have let go and turned them into objects of meditation.

Maybe I will try that out next Friday!


Even if it’s boring, it’s money – Daily Lesson – Jan 23rd 2014

Oh man, today was a difficult and tedious day. After a couple days at a clients office, without doing much, just clocking in, we finally got some videos to work on.

They are difficult talks to watch from a conference that is going on right now, internally, that my client is having.

So the lesson learned: It’s boring but it’s money.

Now, it also raises a big and important question: is this the way I want to make money? doing boring stuff?

No, certainly not, so the idea then is to find meaning to the work, and think on how the work will improve the company culture, the market, and the world.


We are all interconnected – for real – Daily Lesson – Jan 22nd 2014

I am a student and practitioner of Tibetan Buddhism, and we talk about interconnectivity all the time. We talk about it sometimes as something very difficult to understand, as a concept that is hard to grasp, far away.

Today I watched a documentary film that blew my mind, because they make the simple concept or interconnectivity and interdependence even more available in a global and massive perspective. It makes us take responsibility as humans of what our future should and will be.

The name of the film is Home. It was made in 2009, and if you’d like to watch it, here is the Youtube full version.  (The Home Project who did the project doesn’t allow embedding the video)

It’s a full feature film! Please make sure you are watching in at the highest resolution (I think in this one it’s 720p) because the visual are striking!


About moving project forward – Daily Lesson – Jan 21st 2014

If you are anything like me you have several projects moving forward. I know I do.

Today I had meeting with two people from different projects, and it was amazing how much one can get done if one has space in the head. For the most part I had good space today, and that allowed for the projects to take one step forward, at least.

Lists, priorities, actions to take, timelines to complete. Oh the projects.


Meetings… or greetings – Daily Lesson – Jan 20th

We all have those friends, that reach out to us and want to get together for coffee, with no real agenda, just to hang out. hmm. so the more I write it the more normal it sounds.

But I came of age, I because an adult, in a busy New York, a place where etiquette mandates that we have an agenda to meet. If we don’t have an agenda, then is better if we don’t meet.

But my friend is write, there is no way to create an agenda for a friendly encounter, where you just exchange anecdotes with a dear friend, without anything important to extract from the encounter but a cheer shared memory.


Interesting People, or not always – Daily Lesson – Jan 19th

Today was the birthday of my girlfriend’s friend. Really cool girl, very kind and fun to hang out with.

But tonight I felt a little bit like a snub. I talked to some people at the bar. For the most part all very nice people. I had a problem that I didn’t find any of the interesting.

It could be that I should have asked better questions?

So are people interesting or not interesting because of the questions I ask? does it even have to do with the person being interesting on their own?


Dexter is an amazing show – Daily Lesson – Jan 18th 2014

Out of all the things that I could have learned today, the most awesome thing is that Dexter is an amazing show!!
I had never seen it fully. I have just watched two episodes randomly when someone else was watching.
I wish I had watched it before. It is really amazing! It’s so well written, so great cinematography, and love the Miami spanglish! 🙂


I love teaching – Daily Lesson – Jan 17th 2014

For the last month I have been guiding meditation every Friday at 12:30 at one of my favorite places on earth: The Three Jewels.

This is a new experience for me, because after practicing meditation for 7 years, on and off, it’s the first time I have the opportunity to actually guide people in it, and take their minds to amazing places. It’s a humbling and awesome experience at the same time.

Today, my class was double the size than it usually is: it went from one student to two! 🙂 And you know what? it felt amazing! I felt that was actually starting to make a difference in society, a difference in the life of Newyorkers.

My one regular student has been coming since the second day. He has been coming every Friday. He is also a close friend. And little by little he has been teaching me that I am a little bit of a teacher, and that little by little I will be building the skills to help other people become happier, and in turn try themselves to help other become happier.

It is one of the most beautiful things I have done in my life, and every time I do, I think it just gets more and more beautiful!

Thank you Life!


Debate is good, but not always – Daily Lesson – Jan 16th 2014

Debate is great, I love getting down and debating things, whether I agree with them or not, the act of debate, the mental exercise fascinates me.

But there is a problem with debate, it only works if the people involved in it are departing from a common understanding. What it means is that we can only debate about food, if we are both in agreement of what food is. Or we can only debate about economics, if we all understand at least basic concepts of economics.

When either side starts adding their own interpretations, without disclosing what it is to the parties involved, then it gets messy, it stops making any sense, and there is no more debate, it turns into an argument, where each side will turn out to be disappointed and probably further apart.


Today is my birthday, but I will not celebrate – Daily Lesson – Jan 15th 2014

Today is my birthday! and that is awesome right? Except that I have not been able to feel good all day. I have delt with head ache and other body aches all day!

It’s the first time in 34 years (exactly) that I feel bad on my birthday. So it turns out that I am not invincible in my birthdays, no matter what I think.